Delírios, Reflexões e Ilusões Verborrágicas

julho 21, 2008, 1:15 am
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My heart was one, once;
only a few scratches here and there.
Then came the time
it was in too many pieces to count.

(I should’ve learned not to give my heart
to those who wouldn’t handle with care.
I guess you taught me this lesson pretty well.)

My heart was broken, once;
its small pieces lied everywhere in the ground.
Then came the time
and the people and the will to put it together.

(There are still those who will handle it with care
and I am glad they found me
and I am glad I took them in.)

My heart was hurt, once;
many – so many – pieces are still lost.
Then came the time
I accepted you were never coming back.

Maíra Carvalho